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What is the SmartBadge App?

The SmartBadge App was developed by Assay Technology as a perk to our badge customers.  The App will record all your sampling information, including field notes, and generate your Lab Request Form for you.

Can I use the SmartBadge APP for other sampling media?

The App is designed for use with only Assay Technology Badges, as a perk to our badge customers.  Sampling information for other media can be documented using our Generic Lab Request Form online.

How do I get the App?

The App is available for Apple and Android devices via their App stores. 

The App does not recognize any of the badges or the chemical list does not seem right.
  • The app is constantly getting updated with new valid badges.  So, it needs access to the internet from time to time.  If your device is in airplane mode, the most recently manufactured badges will no be available.   Go to the bottom of main menu of the app and see when the last time the data tables were updated.  If it's not very recent, that could be the issue.

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the App.  Sometimes there can be a problem with the installation of any App.

  • If you are typing the serial number in, make sure you are entering only the serial number of the badge.  The label on Assay badges have the LOT number and SERIAL number.  For example, 11A12 - AB1234.  The serial number is AB1234.  Do not enter the lot number.  Hydrogen Peroxide badges are not manufactured by Assay Technology and do not follow the same format. Enter the whole number:  123456.

  • Another possibility is the badge is not yet into the App database.  Call our customer service group.

The App crashes when I try to scan a badge's QR code (serial number).

The App does not have permission to use the camera on your device.  Reinstall the App and allow the App to use the camera.  (Or go into the Settings on your deivce.)

I want to enter my badge start time, but I don't know my badge stop time yet.

Enter the start time, but leave the stop time empty.  The App will mark this badge as incomplete.  A project with an incomplete badge can not be completed.  When you know the stop time, enter it.  If you want to not use the badge, just deleted it or more it to another project.

I completed my project, but I need to edit some information.  What do I do?

You can edit information before you complete the project.  Completing the project will archive it and send you a completed lab request form to your email or fax.  At this point the information is locked because the App also sends your information to AT Labs for automated login.  If you need to change information after completing the project in the App, but before sending the badges, note the changes on the lab request form.  When the badges are received, your change will be noted by our staff.

I am having trouble logging into the App.

When you enter the App for the first time, you setup an account by entering your information.  The App will send Assay Technology a request assign you an account number.  We will email you your account number ASAP.  For existing customers, the number will be the same as you have had before.  You can start your projects, but can't complete them until you have your account number.

I am using a TraceAir badge (580 or 521).  How do I tell the lab how many covers I removed during sampling?

Please note how many covers were removed in the badge's lab notes.

I want to use the timer for a different time than what's listed.

The timer will list the sampling times we expect customers will need.  (8 hours, 15 minutes).  You select the time you want, then start the timer.  When the end of the planned sampling time draws near, the App will send you a reminder it is almost time to close the badge.  However, if you do not stop the time, it will assume you are still sampling and continue to record the time.  So the timer can be used for an sampling time, but if you want any unusual time, the automatic reminder will not be applicable for you.  If you want a reminder for times we are not set up for, all devices have a timer with alarm on them. 

I can not see my results on the App.

All results will be sent to you as normal. email, fax and/or mail.  Results will not be available on the App because it does not meet with ISO 17025 policies.  However, you can download your results via our web portal at any time.

Can I operate the App while in Airplane Mode?

Yes.  You can use the App and collect data.  However, to complete a project, you have to be off Airplane mode.

How do I enter a sampling time of Zero?  (For field blanks.)

Add your sampling time manually and enter the same stop and start time.  You can also enter a "0" in the total time.

Can I sign up to use the web portal to view my previous reports without using the App?

Yes.  Sign up for the App, but you do not have to use the App to access the web portal with old reports.

I prepayed for my analysis when I bought the badge.  Will the App only allow me to request the number of chemicals I paid for?

No.  The App knows technical information about a badge, but does not contain any prepay analysis information.  If more chemicals are requested then was paid for, there will mostly likely be an extra charge.  If you are unsure, check the documentation sent with the badge or contact our customer service department.

What if I want the report to go to someone besides myself?

Enter this information in the Notes to Lab section for one of the badges.