Lab Request Form Information

Assay Technology has a variety of different lab forms, however most require similar information. This is infomration required for reporting and calculations necessary on reports. This can be achieved by filling our the forms accompanying our badges, downloading and editing our online template for lab request forms, or downloading our SmartBadge App.

We highly recommend our SmartBadge App for speedy, hand held form-filling and project management. Along with the app, a portal containing archived reports for customer accounts is also made available to users. This allows for easy management of sampling and project history. Our SmartBadge smart login app can be found on Google Play for android or iTunes for iOS users.

Information on the App can also be found on our FAQ page.

Lab Request form templates:

Each of our badges have their own lab request form. Below is a comprehensive list of our chain of custody documents, please select which is appropriate for your badge or media.

LRF : General/IH

521-25 : Organic Vapor Trace AirŪ IAQ Panel

521 : Organic Vapor Trace AirŪ

566 : Organic Vapor

546 : Organic Vapor - High Capacity

595 : Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate

549 : Organic Vapor - HCFC

586 : Ozone

594 : Nitrogen Dioxide

587 : Hydrogen Peroxide

543: Acetic Acid

555 : Ethylene Oxide

574: Halogenated Anesthetic Gases

575 : Nitrous Oxide

571 : Aldehydes

580 : Aldehyde Trace AirŪ

584 : Ammonia

585 : Organic Amines

592 : Acrolein

593 : Mercury Vapor

* Note: Our general lab request form can be used for information on pump/media (non-badge) OR to log in multiple badges of the same project. For multiple badges, please feel free to leave the "Flow" and "Rate" sections empty, as these are predetermined by the badge's design.

Filling out your forms:

Our badge lab request forms may look as follows. Things to note:

While Assay Technology customer number is an optional field, please note that this is not your phone number but an personal account number assigned to individuals who receive reports. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you do not know your number.

It should also be noted that lab reports are typically emailed out. If you would prefer hard copies or a faxed report, please feel free to indicate so.


For larger projects, we recommend either using our online pdfs to fill out sampling information or address labels. This sticker can be placed over the "Send Lab Report To" section. Labels can be provided upon request, simply ask at time of order or contact customer support with your information.

We also recommend trying our SmartBadge App, where project information could be filled in on your device and compiled together automatically. A PDF chain of custody is generated upon project submittal that is automatically sent to the lab while a PDF copy can be emailed to desired email address.

For any other inquiries please call our live customer service department, open M-F 7am-5pm PST at (800) 833-1258 opt. 4 or email us at