Formaldehyde Monitoring
    UPDATE (2/23/16): CBS News posts a follow up report to their original formaldehyde testing exposť. Watch the report here.

    • Assay Technology manufactures air monitoring badges that are accurate and easy to use.
    • They have been used for more then 30 years by many Health and Safety Consultants and Industrial Hygiene Laboratories in the United States, Canada, and around the world.
    • Our 571 badge was recently shown on the CBS Nightly News in its lead story about levels of Formaldehyde in laminate flooring from China.
    • The 571 badge can be used to test the air for Formaldehyde over 15 minutes, 8 hours or even 24 hours for indoor air monitoring (homes).
    • The badges do not test the flooring.  They test the air you breathe.
    • No equipment nor expertise is required to use the badge. Instructions are included (and below), however, 
      • Simply open the badge to begin sampling.
      • Clip the badge to your collar for personal monitoring or place in a room.  Do not put in a drawer, under clothing, or in a closet with the door closed.
      • Snap the badge shut to stop sampling.
      • No pumps, no glass tubes.
    • While the badge instructions indicate to refrigerate the badges before use, if the badges are used within 30 days, no refrigeration is required before or after use. 
    • After monitoring, send the badge back to the laboratory for analysis.  If you have prepaid for the analysis, be sure to send the badge back to Assay Technology's laboratory in Boardman, OH.  We recommend sending your badge by a traceable shipping service.  (Not first class mail.)  Results will be available within one to two weeks.  Be sure to complete the lab request form included with the badge with your contact information.  Rush services are available.  (Same day results, one day, etc for a surcharge.  Please call to schedule the rush.)
571 Product Summary - For additional information
W571 - Single Badge with Analysis $62
X571 - Box of 5 badges with Analysis (Best Value):  $221
Technical Insert
Shipping Instructions
State of California Fact Sheet - While this document is only intended to be used in the state of California, it provides some guidance.
United States Consumer Product Safety Commission
Update on Formaldehyde - 2013